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My name is Aleksandra Czubak and I am connected with Japan for 10 years. I was studying law and Japanese studies, at the same time obtaining experience by working in Poland and in Japan. I  gained practical experience at the Japanese law firms: Kuribayashi Law Office ( and Hiratsuka Law Office ( This gave me many opportunities to work in Japanese teams and learn about Japanese practices. Every year, together with Miyakezaka Law Firm, we held a seminar for Japanese investors who are interested in investing in Poland. I am working with Kubas Kos Gałkowski Law Firm (  

My experience allowed me to build a Polish – Japanese team comprised of passionate people who can support and coordinate business processes at the Japanese market. I am also a PhD candidate at Jagiellonian University where I am researching Japanese companies’ legal culture.

Privately I love travelling – especially to Japan, discovering the hidden places somewhere near by the sea. 

Languages: Polish, English, Japanese.

About website


I am happy to welcome you to a virtual space aimed at supporting Polish – Japanese business. The English part of the website is dedicated to foreigners starting business in Japan.

The Japanese part of the website is aimed at supporting Japanese in their operation in our country.

The articles are prepared by specialists in Polish and Japanese legal,

economy and cultural sector. 


The logo a is a symbol of connecting Japanese and Polish culture and presents the Polish Storke created in origami art.

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